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Thoughts and feelings after 48 hours

May 7, 2013

My highlights and ramblings after our first exhilarating weekend

Lovely people – too many to mention all of them but….

Emma, whom I met less than two weeks ago, and who has been baking, ice cream making and bringing wonderful ideas into the café every day since

Dave, whose CV arrived in my inbox one week ago as if by magic, and who is IMHO one of the most exciting and talented young chefs I’ve ever met (and also a very cool dude).

Amanda, whose smile and willingness to please and serve so efficiently made the first day happen (and not least programme the till).

Graham, our KP and washer upper, who has toiled downstairs for the last five days without moan or whisper and ever taking anything that just needs to be cleaned regardless of its state.

Justin, our extraordinary handyman, decorator and king fixer of everything

Lydia, who worked front of house all day Monday, in such an extraordinary professional manner that belies her young years

I thank all of you and many others who’ve got the show on the road.

Lovely customers- again so many lovely people in the first two days so very appreciative of our food…

An elderly lady, visiting her daughters in Oxford, who walked in on Monday morning and asked for a latte, eggs, bacon and fried bread and upon hearing the Brandenburg Concertos on our sound system said her morning was utterly complete….

Three young, very polite, female Japanese tourists who each ordered our home made granola, the blueberry pancakes followed by our full Oxford English…

Three lovely visiting Australians, who were the first to sample virtually all of our cakes and left a message on our place mats wishing us the best of luck with our new venture..

A group of students who came in blurry-eyed, early afternoon on Sunday and ordered the large Oxford English and large glasses of water….

Two decorators who were the first people to order kedgeree.  I salute you.

Two near neighbours, visiting academics from Boston (USA),  who ate the smoked fish platter and with whom I chatted about St Giles, recent events in their home town and life generally…

Earthy and extraordinary tastes

Dave’s stock, ham hock terrine, pea and mint soup, kedgeree, blueberry pancakes, salads etc, etc . In fact everything he has made to date.

Emma’s boulas (a cinnamon and cardamom pastry), lemon drizzle and Afghans.

Our home made (by Dave) Oxford sausages that we nearly sold out of on day one, much more on these to follow.

The coffee, the tea, the St Giles cordial….

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  1. It’s great to have Cafe St Giles back, she’s my favourite Oxford institution and now just so much prettier

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