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About getting a job

June 2, 2013

In taking over St Giles’ Café , for the second time in my life I’ve taken the entrepreneurial plunge and started my own business.  I’ve pretty much sold every thing I owned and used the proceeds to start up. The context , this second time round, is that my previous freelance career as a PR/advertising strategist was dwindling because of my age (54) rather than my ability.  Also my pension fund is worth diddly squat 🙂

I found myself largely unemployed and like so many (particularly young people) desperately in search of employment but with very little success. The most recent UK and wider EU statistics for unemployment make for particularly depressing reading.  I am so very disturbed about the very large generation of young people who are facing a significant period without work.

Cue my advertising campaign to find people to work at St Giles’ Café.  In the past four weeks I’ve placed two adverts at .  Not surprisingly I’ve been inundated by applications. The first time I received in excess of 175 cvs and latterly another 125.  And many, many people beat a path to the door of the café to hand in their cvs.

Ok, here comes the stuff that we’ve all been told about time and time again about applying for a job, particularly in the present economic climate.

Don’t walk in and speak your first words ” I want a job”  ( approx. 25  people)

Don’t write an email/send a cv with the opening “To whom it may concern” and the same cv that you have sent out to everyone else without a hint of personalisation to the job on offer. ( approx. 100 people)

Be very, very careful about what you say on social media……

One young lady came to see me this last week on my request following a relatively appropriate Cv..

Half an hour before she was due to arrive I ran my daily social media check about St Giles Café.

I discovered the following Twitter dialogue:

Applicant : OMG. Have got two interviews in 2 days.  #moneymoneymoney #MONEY

Friend: OMG. Who they for?

Applicant. One is for Sainsbury’s and the other St Giles’s Café.  Nothing particularly interesting. But MONEY man








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